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Nouveau Lash Extensions

Nouveau Lashes are state of the art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker,natural looking lashes.

Nouveau lashes are soft and have a slight curve. Just like natural lashes they have a flat base and a fine, polished tip. The results are longer, thicker, natural looking lashes that are comfortable to wear… so no need for mascara!

Exciting, innovative and alluring – loved by celebrities and perfect for giving your eyes the wow factor.
Nouveau Lashes don’t ‘clump’ like traditional ‘false’ lashes

Traditional false eyelashes are produced in strips or clumps and applied directly on to the eyelid using adhesive that dries hard on the lashes and lid. Not only do they look false, they feel heavy and uncomfortable, can cause natural lashes to drop out and often only last a few days.
Nouveau lashes are virtually weightless and are applied to your natural lashes one at a time…

  • Full set of Lashes – £65.00
  • Maintenance – £30.00