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Tanning Booths

Come and enjoy a natural and lasting tan with our Aurora tanning booths, with our best ever prices, a quick and hygienic treatment giving you exceptional performance and the best ever tan. Blue and Red Cosmedico Wild Wave tubes result in outstanding tanning results and longer lasting tan, Extra heat and Vitamize effect for more Vitamin D reserves.

Benefits of Blue:

Vitalizing “Sunrise effect”

Enhances concentration

Helps to reduce skin blemishes

Reduces skin ageing


Benefits of Red:

Relaxing sunset effect

Enhances production of hormones and metabolism

Blood circulation-promoting effect

Reduces ionisation odour

Skin rejuvenating


Tanning Booths

    • 3 Minutes – £2.70
    • 6 Minutes – £4.95
    • 9 Minutes – £5.85
    • 12 Minutes – £6.70
      *Minimum age of 18 required by law – please provide photo ID if requested